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Your case
Your case


Your case begins with a no cost office conference. Grand Rapids auto accident attorney Stephen DeHaan will discuss the specific details and injuries of your auto or motorcycle accident. Depending on the facts of your case, we will begin an investigatory stage. This can include interviewing witnesses, gathering and preserving physical evidence, obtaining photographic/videographic evidence and contacting insurance companies.


After the investigatory phase is over, Grand Rapids auto accident lawyer Stephen DeHaan will engage in settlement negotiations with the responsible party and their insurance company to determine whether a just and reasonable settlement can be obtained without filing a lawsuit. Negotiations will continue back and forth until either a settlement is obtained or an impasse is reached.


If we are unable to obtain a fair settlement, Grand Rapids auto accident attorney Stephen DeHaan will file and prosecute a lawsuit on your behalf. This normally involves the discovery of testimony, documents and other evidence from anyone who may have information about the case. Your particular case may lead to motions and mediation. If we are still unable to gain a fair settlement, we will aggressively seek justice in a State of Michigan court.

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